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My History

My name is Hugo GLORIA, I'm 20 years of age. I am currently in training for the BTS SIO (Computer Services to Organizations) SISR option (Infrastructure, Systems and Network Solutions) at EPSI Lyon University.

Passionate about IT and especially systems & networks, as well as cybersecurity since college, I acquired, during my BTS, knowledge of programming, IT asset management, cybersecurity and systems & network administration.

From a young age, I grew up with a computer. It is indeed at the age 10 years since I had my first computer. I then had at the age of 15 my first gaming tower. It was at this time that I had the urge to search computers, disassemble components, reassemble them. And it was at 18 that I decided to build my own gaming computer. So I bought the components separately and then assembled the pc myself. It only took me 1 day to get it working. In addition to computers and video games, I am passionate about music, motor sports, sport shooting and History.

High School

During my high school years at Jeanne D'arc in Cessy, between 2018 and 2021, I followed a General Baccalaureate program with options in economics and social sciences, as well as computer science and mathematics. This allowed me to acquire a variety of skills and knowledge to prepare for my future.

During these high school years, I was able to carry out projects such as creating a hangman game in Python, as well as learning how to create websites

Bac +1

During my first year of BTS SIO SISR at EPSI in Lyon 9, I acquired a set of essential knowledge and skills. By choosing the dual program with the Bachelor's degree in digital fundamentals and the BTS, I was able to deepen my knowledge in the field of computer science. During the first workshop, I had the opportunity to develop my skills by designing a football game. This experience allowed me to apply my programming knowledge.

In parallel, I also created several websites, including one dedicated to shoe sales. Through these projects, I was able to apply my web development skills, using programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and designing attractive and user-friendly interfaces. During this first year, I also deepened my knowledge in systems and networks administration, cybersecurity, and project management. I learned to configure network infrastructures, ensure the security of information systems, and collaborate effectively within a development team.

I also completed an internship during this first year, carried out at the FIBA (International Basketball Federation). During the internship, I had the opportunity to work as a team and optimize a patch panel. I also had the chance to observe the ticket management and support processes. The internship went very well overall, I was well supported, and I would like to thank the team for their assistance and guidance.

Bac +2

During my second year of BTS SIO SISR, while continuing my second-year Bachelor's degree in digital fundamentals, I continued to deepen my knowledge. During the second workshop, I had the opportunity to develop an application similar to Reddit. This project allowed me to apply my web development skills by working on the creation of an interactive platform where users can share content and interact. I used languages such as Python, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build this application.

In parallel, I have also carried out several small projects, including a significant personal project aimed at commercialization, thanks to the Flutter framework, which has helped enrich my technical skills. I have been able to deepen my knowledge in areas such as cybersecurity, systems administration, and network management.

A highlight of my second year was my internship at CGI, where I worked as a junior developer. During the internship, I had the opportunity to work on automation projects, implementing tools such as Selenium. I developed my programming and task automation skills, learning to use Selenium to create automated tests and streamline the company's processes. Overall, my second year of BTS SIO SISR and second-year Bachelor's degree in digital fundamentals allowed me to consolidate my skills in web development, cybersecurity, and systems administration. The projects I completed, including the Reddit-like application, as well as my internship as a junior developer at CGI, were enriching experiences that enhanced my understanding of the field of computer science.